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VOSI - Public Health Standard V50.2

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VOSI  Public Health Standard V50.2

Standard for Eliminating Mercury (Thimerosal) in Vaccines, 
Ban the Triple Vaccines, DPT & MMR, and Permit Freedom of Choice


1.1 Mercury is a toxic material that should not be used as a preservative in vaccines that are injected into young children who do not have a fully developed immune system.

1.2 To provide the "freedom of choice" in choosing whether to vaccinate or not.


2.1 "Autism: a Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning" by Sallie Bernard, Albert Enayati, etc., ARC Research, Cranford, NJ.

2.2 "Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?" Miller, Neil. New Atlantean Press, Santa Fe, N.M.

2.3 VOSI Research Report RR8-V50.2 "Removal of Mercury (Thimerosal) as a Preservative in Vaccines & "Freedom of Choice" Based on Whether Vaccines are Really "Safe and Effective" ".


3.1 Thimerosal Sodium Ethylmercurathione Silicate (Mercury Sodium Salt) used as a preservative in vaccines, containing mercury (50% by weight); a known toxic agent.

3.2 "Freedom of Choice" The right of an individual, other than governmental authorities, to make decisions based the health and safety of themselves or their children.

3.3 Immune System The infection fighting system in the body.


4.1 A known toxic material, mercury, should not be injected into the developing immune system of a child. (Ref. 2.1).

4.2 The FDA and CDC should recall and immediately ban the use of Thimerosal in vaccines based on Ref 2.3 and recall existing vaccines containing Thimerosal.

4.3 The FDA and CDC should immediately ban and recall the use of DPT and MMR triple vaccines based on the ineffectiveness of the Measles and Mumps vaccines and the very low incidents of Diphtheria & Tetanus and the high probability of the occurrence of learning disabilities and/or autism. (Ref 2.3).

4.4 The FDA and CDC should immediately ban and recall the use of Hepatitis B Vaccine on children because the Hepatitis B disease is sexually transmitted.

4.5 The Department of Education (DOEd) should immediately permit "Freedom-of-Choice" based on the high incidence in learning disabilities of vaccinated compared with unvaccinated children (14 to 1) per Ref 2.3.

4.6.Ref. 2.3 proves that vaccinating children significantly increases the number of learning disabled and autistic children.

4.7 Ref. 2.3 proves that vaccination increases the probability of contracting both measles and chicken pox.

4.8 The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) should eliminate both the measles, mump, diphtheria, tetanus and chicken pox vaccines from their vaccination schedule.

4.9 Ref. 2.3 proves that vaccination increase the probability of contracting allergies and increases hyperactivity in children.

4.10 Refs. 2.2 and 2.3 prove that vaccinating young children is neither safe nor effective.

4.11 Governments, including the DOEd, must allow parents to have "freedom of choice" when making decisions on vaccination.

4.12 Educators should stop mandating the requirement that children be vaccinated in order to reverse the soaring population of learning disabled children who require "special education".


5.1 Thimerosal, "Freedom of Choice", Immune System, Learning Disabled, Autistic, Vaccination, DPT, MMR.

This Standard is under the jurisdiction of VOSI committee V50 on "Public Health", Task Group V50.2 on "Vaccination Safety".

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