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VOSI - Public Health Standard V50.3A
Research Report 13

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Public Health - VOSI Research Report RR13-V50.3A


  1. "IgE in Umbilical Cord Blood", Dr Robert Hariri, MD, Lifebank CEO, Cedar Knolls, NJ

  2. "A B Cís of Interpretive Laboratory Data", Bakerman, Seymour, MD, Ph.D.

  3. "VOSI V50.3A, Standard to Delay Vaccinating Newborns", par. 2.1

  4. "Neonatal Umbilical Cord IgE Tests: Rationale for Their Use in Screening Infants for Impaired Immunity and Increased Vulnerability to Childhood Vaccines", Buttram, Harold E., MD, January 5, 2003


To verify 2.0 U/ml maximum IgE for newbornís umbilical cord blood (ref. 2).

Test Procedure:

A total of 845 male and 778 female cord blood samples were tested for IgE per Ref. 1 test procedures.

Test Results:

Original Data Provided by Dr. Hariri, Lifebank CEO

Table 1.


Data Provided by Lifebank - February 16, 2003

Table 2.

Table 1 is the summary of the IgE tests by Dr. Robert Hariri, Lifebank CEO. 
Individual test results were not supplied for the total 1623 tests.

Table 2 is the summary of the 1183 individual tests supplied by Lifebank. 
VOSI paid for a minimum of 1600 individual tests, and there are 440 individual test results missing from Table 2. 

Because of these differences Table 1 probably has the correct total number of tests but the 39 greater than 2 U/ml and the associated % results are probably incorrect based on the actual 60 greater than 2.0 U/ml totals seen in Table 2.



    1. This study verifies the accuracy of 2.0 Units/ml as the maximum permissible IgE in the Umbilical cord blood of newborns specified in Ref. 2.

    2. Approximately 2.5% of newborns should not be vaccinated until their immune system meets the minimum IgE age dependent values specified in VOSI V50.3A.

    3. The practice of immunizing newborns with Hepatitis B should be discontinued based on the immune system not being fully developed until age 2 (Ref. 4.2 V50.3A) and screening their mothers for Hepatitis B.

    4. Ref. 3 should be accepted and utilized by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)

The $16,000 cost of this study was funded by private, non-governmental donations. Major donors (in excess of $2000) were the Autism Research Institute, the Hekemian Family Fund of the Armenian Missionary Association of America and Steve and Brian Meserlian. VOSI would like to thank all donors who made this study possible.

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