FAX TO: Tom Wornam, Director, Special Prosecutors Bureau, New York County District Attorney' Office ....Fax (212) 335-8914...Ph. Secretary Vicki (212) 335-8922

NYCCAN has a 1000 letter per week campaign during the month of June 2010 to "urge the Manhattan District Attorney to investigate the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7".

Tom Wornom is the Director of the "Special Prosecutions Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. I am faxing the www.voicesofsafety.com/pcc/911/ web page to him wherein links are provided to:

1. Undeniable "Evidence of Treason" stated in the "9/11 Truth Proclamation".

2. The two applicable laws he is legally required to enforce: USC 18 par. 2382 "Misprision of Treason" and New York State Law, Title 1, par 195.00 "Official Misconduct (Obstruction of Justice)"

The Pallatine Bridge, N.Y. Municipal Court Justice has accepted the "Evidence of Treason" and requested that Andrew Cuomo, N.Y. State Attorney General, convene a Grand Jury "as soon as possible" to determine the parties responsible for planning and executing he controlled demolition of the Twin Towers (WTC 1 & 2) and WTC 7. No action has been taken by Mr. Cuomo in the few months he should have taken action. Repeated phone calls to his secretary remain unanswered.

I am asking that you show me the courtesy of a reply by phoning ( your phone number) and stating whether you will recommend that the requested Grand Jury be convened in the jurisdiction where this heinous act of treason was committed.

As National Leader of the "Citizen's Campaign for a 9/11 Grand Jury Investigation in 2010" I am asking patriots in all 50 states to ask their state attorney General to put pressure on Andrew Cuomo to convene a Grand Jury Investigation. To date patriots from approximately 10 states have sent the "Triple Threat Letters"

You can save me much time and effort by accepting your obligation to both obey and enforce the two laws stated above. In the name of the approximately 3000 innocent people who perished in the collapse of the Twin Towers and the thousands who have died breathing the toxic dust, that contained evidence of military controlled nano thermite, I ask that you phone me and state whether you will or will not enforce the laws cited above.

I am asking all who receive this letter to forward (fax/mail) it to you, with their name, city, state and phone number in order to demonstrate the strength behind my movement for "9/11 Justice".

The controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 is not a "Conspiracy Theory" but a conspiracy fact based on undenianle "Evidence of Treason" that demands a Grand Jury Investigation in order that those who perished "shall not have died in vain".

I will not accept any further cover-up of the truth.

Please reply within one week.



Your name, address, phone, email here (Originally submitted by D. C. Meserlian,P.E.)

cc: dcmeserlian@voicesofsafety.com        

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