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To Mayor____________ _______ (City, State) (Date)

Ref: . “Evidence of treason” presented to Andrew Cuomo, N.Y. State Attorney General from the Pallatine Bridge, N.Y. municipal court justice

I have reviewed the indisputable "evidence of treason" stated in the attached "9/11 Truth Proclamation, www.voicesofsafety.com/pogonews/petitions/200802/, and I now know that the collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 was caused by controlled demolition and not fire.

USC 18 par. 2382 "Misprision of Treason" requires that you take action on this indisputable "evidence of Treason" or be subject to a possible 7 year jail term and fine. In addition You would be guilty of "obstruction of justice” if you ignore this evidence and refused to take action.

USC 18 par. 2382 requires that "evidence of treason" be presented to "a judge or justice of a particular state". Please direct your municipal court judge to send a letter to Andrew Cuomo, New York State Attorney General per the enclosed sample. A copy of this letter should be sent to __________ (Your) State Attorney General.

According to David Foster, N.J. U.S. Attorney, Newark , N.J. , evidence of treason can be presented to anyone in any jurisdiction and they are legally obligated to act on this evidence. The Grand Jury investigation,, to determine the parties responsible for planning and executing the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7, must be held in New York . There is no longer any legal basis for refusing to act based on jurisdiction.

Proclamations are issued by the mayor and council to recognize either people or significant events. Since the events of 9/11/01 were used to take this nation into unjustified wars, I request that the mayor and council sign the "9/11 Truth Proclamation" and provide this vital information to their citizens.

Please state whether you will or will not obey the two laws stated above within two weeks of the above date.





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