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Pogo News 9-11 Truth Proclamation #200802
Cover Letter

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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an act of rebellion”…..George Orwell

To: N.J. Governor Jon Corzine  & Ms. Wallace, Dir. Constituent Services  (609) 292-6000

Re: “9-11 Truth Proclamation” request for signature by 9/11/08 or during “September 2008, Month of  9/11 Truth” www.voicesofsafety.com/pogonews/petitions/200802/


  1. "The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9-11", 2009 6th printing, Editor, Don Harkins
  2. Pg. 7   (ref. 1)    “9/11 Commission Omits Known Facts to  Rubber Stamp Bush Administration's Original 9/11 Story”
  3. Pg. 10  (ref. 1) “Foundational witness testimony, taken secretly by 9/11 Commission, omitted from final report”
  4. Pg. 3 (ref. 1)  “Flight timelines raise questions not answered by government claims of widespread human error”
  5. Pg. 17 (ref. 1) “Seismic Record at Palisades ,N.Y 21 miles North of the WTC Disaster”
  6. Pg. 17 (ref. 1) “The law of falling bodies”

I am one of 50 “State Leaders” of the Governor’s Campaign to insure that the subject “Proclamation” will be signed by you on the anniversary of the 9/11/01 collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 .  Each “State Leader” has formed a committee consisting of the Majority and Minority Leaders of both houses of each state’s legislature. In addition a minimum of three volunteers will phone  the person in your office responsible for approving the subject “Proclamation” for your signature on 9/11/08 or during “September 2008 Month of 9/11  Truth”.

Everyone saw the planes crash into each tower and the resulting fireball on impact. What  we didn’t see. or hear. were the explosions that occurred in the basement of each tower, detected by seismograph , BEFORE THE PLANES STRUCK EACH TOWER. 

The subject “Proclamation”, this cover letter, and references 2 through 6 are being sent to you and the four legislative leaders  in order to insure that the “Proclamation” is signed on 9/11/08 or before 9/30/08

Hopefully, partisan politics will not be a factor in your refusing to sign the “Proclamation” (www.voicesofsafety.com/pogonews/petitions/200802/) that proves, using this government’s own evidence, that explosives were placed in the Twin Towers and WTC 7  in order that the buildings would intentionally collapse , at free fall speed, in the same manner as a controlled demolition..

Any governor that refuses to sign this “Proclamation” must give me a valid written reason for their refusal, Click on ref. 1 in Proclamation to view refs 2 thru 6.

 “In a time of national deceit, telling the 9/11 truth becomes an act of obligation”….Pogo
The innocent victims of 9/11/01 should not have died in vain


Donald Meserlian, P.E.


  • Senate Majority Leader Stephen M. Sweeney (856) 251-9801

  • Senate Minority Leader Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (908) 232-3675 

  • Assembly Majority Leader Bonnie Watson Coleman (609) 292-0500 

  • Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce (973) 984-0922 

  • District 27 Assemblyman & Majority Whip John F. McKeon (973) 275-1113

  • District 27 Senator Richard. Codey (973) 731-6770

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Created: 2008-08-10 Last Updated: 2009-04-15