In a letter dated January 15, 2003, from:

Robert Kirkpatrick Jr., PE, LS, PP, the president of Keller & Kirkpatrick Inc., Parsippany NJ, designer of subject pool, states:


To Whom it may Concern:


This is to advise any party in interest that Keller & Kirkpatrick has used the services of Donald Meserlian, PE in conjunction with swimming pool installations. Most recently Mr. Meserlian worked with our firm to resolve a contractor's error. This error had a tendency to increase the number of incidents involving swimmer's slipping on an inclined pool access surface. The issue was resolved without having to require the contractor to remove and replace significant areas of tiled pool siding through Mr. Meserlian's knowledge and familiarity with VOSI V41.23E "Standard for Trip & Slip Resistance for Sidewalks and Swimming Pool Decks".

We would be pleased to work with Mr. Meserlian on any pool projects should the opportunity present itself.




Signed Robert C. Kirkpatrick, Jr.